Chaos of Dissidia by Nick Ian

"At the end of the dream...even chaos...tears itself apart!!!"








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"God of Destruction"


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It is unknown what exactly Chaos is, while he calls himself the God of Discord, he is not exactly a god; it was assumed that he may have at one time have been a human warrior who was so consumed by rage and hatred at the loss of a battle that his inner darkness took hold and warped him into a grotesque creature. Whether this is true or not is uncertain but it is clear that he has the power to destroy worlds.

Original AppearanceEdit

Chaos originally appeared in Final Fantasy as the main villain and final boss.

In Dissidia: Shuffle!Edit


Long ago before Forbessi and Eustoma were even born, there was a warrior by the name of Garland, who was said to be a warrior without equal. One day, he challenged a young man wielding a keyblade to a dual. Needless to say, Garland was easily defeated. So overcome by his loss, Garland became enraged and let the darkness take him, twisting his body and soul into a being of destruction; so Chaos came to be.

Chaos nearly brought all existance to annialation, until the gods, devils, and humans came to stand against him. The man who led the army against Chaos, was the very same man who defeated him when he was Garland. The keybearer used all his power to seal Chaos away. Doing so however closed off the gates to both Makai and Shinkai for the human world. Fortunately these gates reopened centuries later without reprocussion.

Chaos swore on his last breath that he would return, and finish what he began.

Centuries passed and humans have forgotten the tale, forgotten the days when gods, devils, and humans fought together against Chaos, save for a few who remain vigilant.