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Half Human, Half Devil

The calculative yet secretly resentful current CEO of the company MIKADO, who is well-trained in academics (i.e. solar technology) as well as martial arts. To the public he is a benevolent business man; however, he has more black market dealings and assassinations on his hands than most would consider possible, he has even sent assassins after Rin Tsuchimi upon hearing that Rin would inherit Forbessi's throne upon marrying Nerine; he had planned to kill Rin then he would swoop down and take Nerine as his bride, then he would inherit the throne. After this he would kill both Forbessi and Nerine in secret so that no one would catch on to his plan...but as he sets his plan into motion, he fails to see the coming storm.

Original AppearanceEdit

Dauragon first appeared in the Square Enix(at the time Square Soft) game The Bouncer as the main villain.

In Dissidia: Shuffle!Edit


Living most of his life as an orphan, Dauragon spent a lot of time doing grunt work for criminal overlords: Mugging, stealing, gathering information, it didn't matter as long as it meant that he could live into the next minute.

At age 15 he was adopted by the CEO of MIKADO. From then on he was trained to be the best of the best, he had to prove himself worthy of inheriting MIKADO. At 19, he secretly ordered his right hand man, Mugetsu, to assassinate his adoptive father. He had come to the belief that his so called "father" was no longer worthy of the position because of his showing compassion to peasants. He quickly took over MIKADO and began to formulate a plan that would allow him to conquer all three worlds.

Fighting StyleEdit

Dauragon uses a modified version of Chinese kenpo; focusing on quick and insanely powerful hits.

In his beserk state, he abandons all defense and focuses all his fury into his attacks, making one punch have enough power to form craters the size of houses in both depth and width.

His ultimate attack is Dragon Barrage. His hand glows in a dark purplish flame which on the first hit stuns the opponent, followed by a powerful barrage of fast punches leading to an uppercut, finishing with a heel drop to the spinal column.